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Joint Refresh

Do you ever feel the need to stretch your arms or legs because it somehow makes the joint feel better?

How about when you wake up your joints feel stiff and maybe even almost bruised?

Or maybe you just feel a slight odd sensation in your joints that you used to never feel.
If any of these questions apply..

HGH Rejuvenator
HGH Rejuvenator


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Defend your Body Against Free Radicals

Antioxidant supplements have become quite popular in the realm of natural health enthusiasts.

Of course the first question is what is an antioxidant and what do antioxidants do?

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Colon Cleanse

We all know that our bodies naturally clean out waste material, bacteria, etc.

However our internal detoxification process can break down from overexposure to environmental pollutants in our air, food and water, poor diet, lack of adequate fiber, excessive alcohol and caffeine, high stress, lack of exercise, and overuse of antibiotics and prescription medications.

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Immune Aid

As we all know, the modern world is full of all sorts of stressors, both environmental and psychological.

Yet some people seem to rarely get sick and looker young beyond their years.

Is it possible to become one of these people? Learn more


Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Jun. 15,2015 -

With people searching for healthier products to use in their everyday life, hidden gems keep popping up, even some that you might already have in your pantry.  One of those that have risen in popularity recently is apple cider vinegar, specifically

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Wake Up Empowered – The Value of Morning Rituals

Jun. 14,2015 -

Those who practice self-empowering rituals on a daily basis may be more likely to experience higher levels of success in their day-to-day lives. One of the most important times of the day to establish such rituals is first thing in the morning, seeing as the attitudes and actions you engage in early on will likely set the mood for the rest of your day. The recognition of one’s power

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What is Gluten?

Jun. 13,2015 -

It seems as if nowadays, almost everyone is blindly shunning gluten, hearing word of its evils gossiped throughout the health-conscious community but not quite sure as to why it is so very heinous.   In fact, it seems as if the vast majority of trendy socialites who are going “gluten-free” are not all too sure why, exactly, they are!  A study conducted in 2013 showed that up to one-third of American citizens are

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We’re Going Totally Nuts!

Jun. 12,2015 -

Nuts have been a staple of the American diet since way before almond milk and Nutella hit the market.  Nothing says “tradition” like a bag of hot roasted peanuts at a baseball game, or a decadent slice of homemade pecan pie. However, while pecan pie is surely nostalgic and

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Detox Your Diet

Jun. 10,2015 -

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about detoxing, which promises that you’ll feel better and have more energy afterward. However, detox diets can be extreme. In fact, most detox diets cut down your calorie intake from the recommended 2,000 calories down to

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Are You Ready for the Ayurveda Diet?

Jun. 09,2015 -

Fad diets are everywhere. From South Beach to Paleo, dieting trends are on the cover of most health magazines. What if, though, you could try a diet that is more than just a fad? If this sounds appealing, then the Ayurveda diet might be for you. With its longstanding history, Ayurveda relies on

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