Fun ways to get fit

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Fun ways to get fit

With all of the emphasis put on healthy eating nowadays, many forget that a nutritious diet is only half of the battle.  In order to achieve optimal health and wellness, incorporation of daily exercise into your regime is absolutely necessary. Even 20-30 minutes of physical activity per day has the ability to boost your mood, increase your confidence, and greatly benefit your physical condition.  Unfortunately, packing your duffel bag full of Gatorade and towels and lugging yourself to the sweaty, jam-packed gym every day is often less than appealing.  Spin class is effective, sure, but who in their right mind would spend more than half of his or her paycheck on 30 minutes of intense physical pain and verbal abuse?  “Pedal faster!!! PEDAL FASTER, FEEL THE BURN!”

Before you give up on exercise entirely, try mixing up your routine a bit.  Believe it or not, there are many ways to have fun while getting fit – ways that you may not have even considered.  Try one of the below listed suggestions to tone up your body and improve your overall quality of life.

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  • Play Frisbee with a couple of buddies.

Remember when you were a kid and you used to throw the Frisbee back and forth in the backyard or gather a group for a little ultimate on the beach? Turns out, throwing a Frisbee with a good friend, a dog, or even a tree (more running) will really work to get your heart rate going while providing some serious nostalgic fun.  And I’ll bet you $5 you have about 12 Frisbees laying somewhere in your garage that bank branches gave you sometime in the 90s.


  • Take a dance class.

If you’ve never tried out hip-hop, now is your time to shine.  As a previous hip-hopper myself, I can guarantee you a good time – if not a new hobby.  And there is really no excuse not to hop onboard the Zumba train.  If you search online for 5 minutes you are likely to find at least 20 free Zumba classes within a 2-mile radius.  This is a slight exaggeration of course, but you get the picture.


  • Take a yoga mat to the beach or to a serene nearby park.

Public yoga is a thing now, right?  Make it a thing.  There are few things more spiritually healing than doing yoga on the beach while watching the sunrise. Get a few friends together and make “Saturday Yoga in the Park” a thing.  Who knows, maybe you’ll end up making some new friends in the process!


  • Join an intermural sports team.

Whatever club or community you are currently a part of, chances are they have an intermural sports team.  Ask around, and find out what softball team is aching for a new member.  If you search and search and there are no intermural sports teams within your community – start one! And then find someone else to start another; otherwise your games will be pretty one-sided.

  • Clean your house.

Spring clean all year round!  Cleaning may not qualify as fun for everyone, but it is certainly quite therapeutic for some.  And what a work out!


  • Pick up garbage throughout your community.

Not only does picking up garbage in your community make a major difference and help inspire other community members to strive for positive change while rousing consciousness and provoking revolution, but you will be walking around!


  • Do some yard work.

Plant a garden, plant a tree, rake the leaves out of the grass, rake the grass out of the leaves… get outside!  Doing yard work is a fun and productive way to stay in shape, and you’ll save some major cash on the gardening bills.


  • Walk a dog, any dog!

Walk your dog (you should probably be doing this anyways).  If you don’t have a dog or any other walkable animal, ask around to see if your neighbors need theirs walked on occasion.  Dog walking is great exercise for the animal lover, and you are doing the dog a favor as well!


  • Get retro with it.

Remember hula hooping?  What about roller blading?  Get a little retro and whip out your old gear for some fun and actually incredibly exhausting exercise.


These are only several of the many fun and exciting ways in which you can incorporate entertainment and enjoyment into your regular exercise regime.  And remember, walking nature’s healthy path is always a fun and exhilarating way to stay in shape!

In Good Health,

Cayla Clark

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