Natural Ways To Slow Down Aging

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Natural Ways To Slow Down Aging
Aging is a natural process, one that is gracefully embraced by some and vehemently abhorred by others.  Whether you welcome or actively attempt to avoid the aging process, it is nothing short of inevitable.  People get older, and as they do, their bodies begin to change.  Things sag, things wrinkle up, and we can no longer somersault down hillsides without irreparably damaging the vast majority of our bodies.  Fortunately, there are several preventative measures we can take that may help to maintain our youthful glows for a few years longer.


  1. Stop smoking – everything.

E-cigarettes and vaporizers seem to be all the craze as of late, helping long-time smokers finally kick the habit.  What many fail to realize is that even e-cigarettes can contribute to pre-mature aging.  E-cigarettes have been found to contain benzene, an aging compound that is also found in scented candles1

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  1. Avoid processed foods – eat fresh!

Phosphates, which are found in numerous processed foods, have been found to speed up the aging process significantly1.  When grocery shopping, be sure to fill your cart up with organic fruits and veggies, and if you do reach for processed foods, make sure they are non-genetically modified.


  1. Lay off the soda, and everything else with added sugar.

Sodas, in addition to most processed foods (as previously discussed), contain high levels of phosphoric acid and other phosphates, which have been shown to speed up physical aging.  Soda is also extremely high in sugar, which was shown in several studies to increase rates of aging.  Sugar attaches to protein in the bloodstream, and forms harmful new molecules known as advanced glycation end products.  These molecules then attack and damage collagen and elastin, proteins in the skin that help maintain youthful appearance1.


  1. Cope with stress when it crops up.

Stress can be totally toxic to overall health and well being, so it is not too surprising that consistently elevated stress levels have been linked to age-related illnesses such as neural degeneration, cardiovascular disease, and compromised immune system function1.  In order to zap stress as soon as it crops up, practice daily meditation and mindfulness and formulate a plan of action to help you relax quickly.  Breathing exercises tend to do the trick – deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth.


  1. Stop wearing make-up.

In 2013, a study was conducted and published in Environmental Health Perspectives on the effects of certain paraben-containing make-up on women.  This study found that paraben chemicals that are frequently used in make-up and other personal care products contain estrogenic hormones that disrupt normal female fertility, throwing women into a premature aging process1.  So be careful… that very foundation you are using to hide wrinkles may in fact be causing them!


Yours in good health,


Cayla Clark


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