Aloe Water Benefits and Side Effects

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Aloe Water Benefits and Side Effects

Aloe Vera has long since been used as a topical treatment for a variety of skin conditions.  It is most frequently used for sunburn, applied topically to irritated skin to prevent discomfort and dryness.  Recently, however, aloe water has been widely recognized as a beverage rich in numerous health benefits.  Listed below are several of the benefits ingesting aloe water is said to promote1:


  • Improves circulation
  • Helps to regulate blood sugar
  • Acts as a natural laxative, works to eliminate constipation
  • Aids in overall digestion
  • Helps alleviate stomachache and heartburn
  • Speeds up metabolic rate and thus aids in weight loss
  • Helps to reduce inflammation


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While aloe water has been making health-related headlines recently for these very reasons, the lasting benefits of incorporating aloe water into a regular dietary regime have not yet been closely studied.  Because of this, it is always a good idea to discuss your desire to begin consuming aloe water with a licensed practitioner or general health physician before incorporating this beverage into your diet.  Aloe water may react negatively with certain herbs, supplements, and medications.  If you have consulted a medical professional and you are ready to jump aboard the aloe water bandwagon, there are several things you should know.


  • If you are picky about texture – beware!

Some aloe water includes gelatinous chunks of the aloe gel – not for the faint of heart!  If you are picky about texture make sure you are purchasing a product that is clearly labeled “pulp-fee”.


  • Look for aloe with no added sugars.

Due to the bitter nature of aloe water, many manufacturers combine it with excessive amounts of sugar.  While flavored aloe water is typically more palatable, make sure you are not honing in on a brand that is jam-packed with added sugars – this will compromise the nutritional value, and make plain water a better choice.


  • The bitterness can be overpowered!

Don’t let the initial bitterness of aloe water completely scare you off!  Even if flavored aloe water is a tad too potent for you, try mixing it in to your morning smoothie or adding a cup to another, stronger juice beverage.


  • Aloe water is a dish best served cold.

Okay, so aloe in itself isn’t exactly a dish, but you get it.  Enjoy aloe water over ice to make the slight bitterness more palatable.


  • Try differing brands to find your favorite.

When first experimenting with aloe, I got hung up on the displeasing texture of one specific brand. Keep in mind that aloe water has been gaining rampant popularity, meaning there are numerous varieties and brands to choose from.  Do your research and find your personal favorite!


  • There may be side effects to over-consumption.

Because aloe acts as a natural laxative, over-consumption may lead to bloating, gas, or diarrhea2. Consume carefully; don’t overdo it!


Aloe water has been shown to be a great a benefit to one’s overall health and wellness, and is recommended by many who have experienced its healing benefits in the realms of indigestion, acid reflux, and many other digestion-related disorders and discomforts.  Of course, aloe water is not scientifically proven to treat or prevent any disease, and it is best to speak with a licensed physician before incorporating any lesser-studied supplement to your regular diet.


Yours in good health,

Cayla Clark

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